Change Casing of words

Welcome to the Text Editor Tool! Here you can easily adjust the body of the text according to your needs. Whether you're looking to highlight, follow a style guide, or simply experiment with style options, we've got you covered. Check out the features below to see how you can improve your writing.

1.UpperCaps Converter: Simply convert text to all caps for maximum impact. It's perfect for highlighting important points or creating bold headlines.

2.Lowercase Converter: Convert text to lowercase with one click, while maintaining a casual tone or following certain style conventions.

3.First letter Converter: Convert only first alphabet of every words of text.and remain rest words in lower case

Is Whether you're editing documents, e-mails or designing marketing materials, our text editor tool's wizard lets you adjust the font sizes of your text to suit your needs. Try it now to see how much it can change your writing!